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Following the maxims of safety, robustness and reliability in the processing of live seafood, EGALSA relies on the systems of COCCI LUCIANO S.r.l., of which we are exclusive suppliers for the Iberian Peninsula since 1998.


With a long history with hundreds of customers all over the world, the company COCCI LUCIANO S.r.l. is specialized in the design, manufacture of machinery and solutions for the live seafood sector, so its machinery brings together all the knowledge of several decades of learning.


All our machines are built in materials suitable for the marine environment with high biological loads, with every detail taken care of to provide an easy working experience in a harsh and demanding environment.


The mesh shellfish container is the most popular form of presentation.


At Egalsa we offer the most reliable, fast, safe and accurate automatic mesh shellfish packaging lines on the market.


Continuous innovation and experience in the live shellfish industry have enabled our machines to achieve and maintain undisputed world leadership. Our customized solutions are precisely adapted to the product regardless of the size or delicacy of the shellfish to be packed. Undoubtedly, the right solution for the most demanding customers.


automatic packaging lines:

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