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purification containers


Egalsa purification containers are designed for water recirculation in processes such as bivalve mollusk purification (clam, oyster, cockle, clam, clam, coquina, tellina…) and thawing and desalting systems for food products, allowing vertical and horizontal assemblies.


Our Egalsa purification containers have integrated water recirculation systems molded in one piece inside the container (patented) so that the water recirculates through the four corners, providing a homogeneous recirculation and oxygenation with maximum flow and constant water renewal.


The inside of our purification containers is completely smooth, with no moving parts to facilitate the cleaning of the container.


The supports are integrated into the base of the container for the sludge separation grid.


Egalsa purification containers are made of polyethylene suitable for the food industry. Its “sandwich” type structure injected in Polyurethane gives it great isothermal capacity and resistance compared to standard injection containers.

example of our different types and models of debugging containers.