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isothermal containers


Egalsa has isothermal containers designed for multiple sectors with special needs.


Egalsa isothermal containers are designed for the transport and distribution of agri-food products and for the food processing industry, storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, line feed, end of line and intermediate processes.


Other applications of our isothermal containers are the hydration, treatment and salting of seafood products (cephalopods, octopus, squid, crustaceans, cod, hake, tuna, etc.) and salting of meat products such as hams, sausages, pancetta, etc.


Other uses within the food industry include the processing of raw materials, ingredient mixtures and food additives.


At Egalsa we do not forget the needs of the fishing sector since our isothermal containers are prepared for the storage and preservation on board of catches in extractive fishing (pelagic, rockfish, octopus…) and supply and preservation of ice for fish markets and fishing fleets.


Our isothermal containers are of high quality, are made of food grade polyethylene and are suitable for contact with perishable products and collection of perishable products and collection of SANDACH by-products (categories 1, 2 and 3) its double wall construction type “sandwich” and injected with PUR polyurethane foam to ensure a high isothermal capacity.


The finish is completely smooth, without ribs or crevices to improve hygiene and facilitate cleaning.


We have ATP APPROVAL category IN and are available in various sizes and formats to suit the different needs of our customers.

In addition, Egalsa isothermal containers are available with or without lid, they are stackable and nestable for a better use of space during storage or transport in vacuum.

example of our different models of isothermal containers.