machinery for live seafood / purification and stocking equipment / reduced

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Today’s professionals are aware of the challenges of working with live seafood. The need to have fresh and healthy seafood available when the market demands it requires robust and stable live seafood depuration and maintenance equipment, respecting the phytosanitary regulations, guaranteeing a correct water treatment and the elimination of impurities, ensuring the correct filtration and animal comfort.


The equipment for purification and/or maintenance of live seafood in closed circuit designed by our technical office is based on the principles of safety, robustness and versatility. For this purpose, we integrate the most innovative elements of the market, achieving the realization of equipment for industrial installations.


The equipment is suitable for the maintenance or purification of up to 5,000 kg of mollusks. Using constructive schemes based on isothermal containers and closed circuit technology, these equipments allow a simple installation in any place.