packaging / wooden crates / custom-made printed

Printed boxes


A package is a basic marketing tool since it is the first tangible experience of our company with the customer. It is a mobile showcase that conveys the values, philosophy and know-how of the company.


A package must highlight and elevate the qualities of the product it contains and send a clear message to the consumer; we are the best.the printing of our boxes incorporates to the unique touch and smell of wood, the ability to transmit and highlight the corporate identity that positions the product as unique and differentiates it from the competition.


We have two different high production printing technologies, flexography and roller printing, to achieve high quality customization on our boxes, both poplar and pine wood.roller printing allows the printing of up to four colors in complex patterns, different typographies and logos.


It is mainly used on thick woods such as pine. Flexographic printing allows the realization of four-color projects. This means that it is possible to print images with a very wide range of colors, gradients and virtually any shape or representation of real images. Preferably used on poplar wood, they allow a first class customization.