extruded tubular netting

extruded tubular netting

Egalsa offers a wide range of extruded tubular netting solutions to meet specific needs in a wide variety of sectors. Our nets represent an effective and economical solution for lightweight packaging thanks to their known breathability, lightness and resistance. We offer a wide variety of materials, weights, widths and weft types to suit the specific needs of each customer and each product.

Our shellfish netting is specially designed for seafood.

Our netting designs help producers, distributors and wholesalers display their seafood products in a cost-effective way while improving visual presentation and traceability.

Available for manual, semi-automatic or high production automatic packaging, our nets are the best squeezing nets on the market.

sample of the various types and colors in which we offer our extruded tubular nets.

mesh bags


Pre-made net bags with our extruded tubular netting, closed at one end and ready to pack.

Made to customer specifications and available with any netting from our catalog.